Absolute Evel – The Evel Knievel Story
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Hosted by Matthew McConaughey:
Evel Knievel: the indisputable King of the Daredevils, the Last Gladiator. His exploits are legendary, his feats and notoriety unrivaled. Knieval was a self-made sports superstar who gambled with Death on a regular basis, and it was a wager even he himself expected to lose before long. But he has never been a man to do what is expected.

Today, as he enters the twilight of his life, Knievel pays a high price for his glory days. Blood transfusions from his many near-death injuries left him with hepatitis C. In 1999 he received a liver transplant to ward of death once again. While still outspoken and controversial, Knievel never stops seeing life as a slippery thing.

This 2 hour special is a candid firsthand account from the man who lived the legend. It follows a unique format that is devoid of narration and outside commentary on Evel’s life. Instead, we hear directly from the man himself. He speaks candidly about his controversial life, his loves, his family and the philosophies that have guided him. This is the first time Evel has shared much of his private collection of archival materials as well as some of his most personal stories.