Toolbelt Diva
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Norma Vally is not like other divas. For starters, she wears a tool belt. Yes, she is multi-faceted and confident, but Norma, the host of Discovery Home Channel's new primetime series, “Toolbelt Diva,” is anything but temperamental. In fact, she is happy to share home improvement tips so do-it-yourselfers can have fun and take charge of their domains. Norma, a professional renovator, will help women (okay, and men, too) gain confidence with power tools and learn how to finish those challenging jobs around the house.

In each half-hour episode of this dynamic new series on Discovery Home Channel, Norma and a female homeowner will work together to tackle a variety of home improvement projects. From modernizing closets to revamping recreation rooms, Norma rolls up her shirt-sleeves and gets her hands dirty helping these women finish their tough home improvement projects. Other projects include: building an outdoor fire pit, constructing a fenced play area for a family's dog, and building a custom desk and shelves for a home office space.

It’s how-to without the snooze. “Toolbelt Diva” offers a new perspective, "Of course I did it. It’s not rocket science, it’s home repair!"