Three Sheets
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Join host Zane Lamprey as he takes you on a most unconventional travel and drinking adventure. His mission is to get to know the people of the world by sharing in the ultimate social lubricant: alcohol. You'll discover exotic drinking customs, and learn little known facts about how different drinks are made and consumed throughout the world. You might see Zane talking to Belgian monks about home-brewing, or catch him trying to tackle the world famous pubcrawl. He may show you how to nurse a Jamaican rum hangover with locally brewed herb tea remedies, or sing folk songs about the dangers of Costa Rican guaro (a locally distilled spirit often called “gringo killer”).

No matter what episode you catch, you won't hear the same old lines about landmarks, architecture and regional art. You will discover all those things, but you will do so through the eyes of real people when they let down their guard over a few (or a dozen) drinks. “Three Sheets” is smart and enriching, sophomoric and self-indulgent. Come along for the ride.