Test Drive
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MOJO's high definition, six-part series, “Test Drive,” is a fuel injected, full turbo and fresh off the line show for car lovers. “Test Drive” is not your typical car show. It has lots of information you need, but didn't know to ask, from the obscure to the obvious. What actually causes traffic congestion? What subliminal signal does your car send about you? What do peacocks and exotic cars have in common?

Knowledgeable host Craig J. Jackson drops the knowledge you won't find in any driver's manual while taking viewers on a lighthearted ride. From avoiding traffic violations to car thieves, “Test Drive” gives you the keys to the road. “Test Drive” is for anyone who has ever gotten behind the wheel of a car.

By combining animated mini-documentaries, adroit re-enactments and humorous interviews, “Test Drive” is “kids in a candy store” for the automobile set.