Tech Effect
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To a child in school, history is a class filled with dry facts and boring dates. History books provide an overview of events, pausing perhaps only briefly on the science and ingenuity which make such events possible. “Tech Effect” turns ordinary history upside down, analyzing famous moments from a purely technological standpoint.

Episodes of “Tech Effect” cover events ranging from present day marvels such as the 2002 rescue of nine trapped miners to the 1776 crossing of the Delaware by George Washington. For anyone who has ever wondered how the first atomic bomb was built or how the lunar module safely escorted astronauts to and from the moon, “Tech Effect” has the answers. Modern day inventions such as the television and the home computer embody current definitions of technology, but the spirit of technology has been around for centuries. “Tech Effect” seeks out technology in all its forms and updates history for the 21st century.