Sell This House Extreme
Series in Production

A&E’s longest running hit series “Sell This House” is about to be supersized! In “Sell This House: Extreme,” Tanya Memme and Roger Hazard are joined by general contractor Charlie Frattini, who's ready to make some big changes to get a house sold. If Charlie and Roger can agree on anything, that is.

In today’s tough housing market, it’s going to take a lot more than simple staging to get a home sold. We’re talking major renovations and updates: tearing down walls to make rooms bigger, complete kitchen and bathroom remodels, new flooring and countertops, built-in shelving, and more - all in the name of adding to the home’s value and getting it sold for top dollar.

With Roger’s amped up overall design, Charlie’s expertise as a contractor and his larger-than-life personality, and Tanya keeping the guys in line, this new series is sure to top the original.